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Retrospective: On The Road In…. Les Pyrénées

I received an email the other day for the 2012 rendition of La Pyreneene Cyclosportive and couldn’t help myself from clicking the link. A few clicks later, I found a photo of myself from the 2011 version. It’s a miracle … Continue reading

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Au revoir, mon cher Provence…

With the final ride complete and a whirlwind of packing, it’s time to finally say goodbye to Provence. And what a wonderful year it was! Watch this space for pathetically sentimental posts in the near future.

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Video from the Pyrenees!

Note: Be sure to watch it in full screen @ 720p for full enjoyment. 10 hours before this video I was unable to open my eyes from allergies (didn’t know I had any!) I was reduced to lying in bed … Continue reading

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On the Road Today (French Riviera)

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Video: La Vaujany Cyclosportive in the French Alps

Sadly, only SD resolution on the blog… but view it on Vimeo in HD glory. La Vaujany Cyclosportive 2011 in HD.

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On The Road (this week in Photos)

Just photos.

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Mont Ventoux Cyclosportive Video, Highlights, and News!

This is from the “Le Ventoux Master” Cyclosportive held in Beaumes de Venise every year in late May. Had some trouble with the video as the quality was horrible for some reason at the start. It eventually “fixed” itself until … Continue reading

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In the Army Now?

Back in the day I had the pleasure of riding around West Point in one of my very first road bike races while racing in the collegiate ranks. As a die-hard MTB’er, my entire opinion of road biking was formulated … Continue reading

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Le Mistral. Even folks from across the Atlantic have heard of this term and stories of the associate wind that it holds… perhaps from reading “A Year In Provence” by Peter Mayle or from another source. It’s legendary. And when … Continue reading

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Spring Training 2011, Part 1

I used to perceive Spring (or Winter) Training differently. Several years ago it was synonymous with “opportunity”. Other guys would get old or lazy or have other things on their mind while you could train indoors and get fast. No … Continue reading

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That Secret Spot…

January. If you go to the lengths of looking up this word in a cycling dictionary its masked by the blasphemous symbols #%#*@!&$. True Story. I thought back to previous January’s in my cycling history. Yes we all want to … Continue reading

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Video: Bosses du 13

Finally got around to editing some footage from the Bosses du 13 Cyclosportive in Marseille from this past September.

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Exploratory Studies

There’s a lot you can learn from exploratory studies. In fact, it was my official major back in 1997 in Upstate NY. It was a nice phrase that private universities used at the time, replacing the previous [rejected] designation, “this … Continue reading

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Cheese Pizza, Chocolate Éclairs, and Other Fun Ways To Ride Like A Pro

Remember those photos a few weeks ago of our first visitor to Wayward Cyclist Headquarters? I think I promised to write a follow-up but never got around to it. You can get up to speed by reading part 1 here. … Continue reading

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What To Do When An Olympian Stays At Your House…

I should probably follow up with the latest big milestone over here at our Mediterranean perched flat… our very first visitor! [reader pauses… says “pfff, I’m a cyclist, I don’t want to hear about this domestic crap”] But as you … Continue reading

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Old Friends, and Exactly How Difficult Is Mountain Biking after 7 Years Abstinence?

I was reading a blog the other day of an old friend. Most bikers have a friend like this… it’s the guy (or gal) that you met at your first race when you entered the beginner category race and saw … Continue reading

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How A Bike Ride Can Make A Crappy Day Great, Then Crappy Again

[this post is a bit of a ramble, but stick with it if you’re hardcore] Some days just aren’t your day. Some days you’re on. This day was the former. Even so, I desperately needed a good day to cheer … Continue reading

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Race Report: Bosses du 13

Update: You can now see the headcam video in HD on YouTube Despite not being able to ride regularly for the past 2 months, I decided to enter a cyclosportive event around Marseille and the province of Bouches du Rhone. … Continue reading

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