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Called Up to the Big Leagues! (Officially a Medical Outcast)

After 2 full years trying to diagnose and treat my heart so it provides blood, oxygen, and beats normally, I finally received a definitive conclusion from my cardiologist. Actually my cardiologist is awesome and he does know. But what he … Continue reading

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Fixing the Pump… 2eme Etape: Focusing, Fidgeting, and Fiats

Last we left off, the process of a simple cardio ablation was covered and although it’s an amazing procedure pioneered in the last 20 years or so, it really is a simple procedure for the patient. If you’re reading this … Continue reading

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Fixing the Pump to Drink from the Well… (a primer)

I’ve always thought health stories are a bit of taboo, like an old lady telling you about her bunions or gall bladder – it’s not a necessary or a desired story that most want to hear. However, I have found … Continue reading

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Post-Op Relaxing

Turns out, overnight at the cardiology ward isn’t half bad: Nurse: “Would you like some more water?” Me: “Yes, please” Nurse: (Looking at the waterbottle full of ice) “Would you like it mixed with anything?” Me: “You mean you have … Continue reading

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Post Pre-Op Cruising

After a pre-op on Friday and the 3rd (and hopefully final) heart surgery on Monday, it was nice to escape on a long solo 100 mile ride to collect thoughts, or lack there-of.

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If Cycling Had A “Blue Screen Of Death”, This Is What It Would Look Like…

This is my HR (red), altitude (green), and time (x-axis) data from the sportive in the Pyrenees. You may notice that everything seems nice and familiar until about 7 minutes into the climb up Tourmalet when the HR data hits … Continue reading

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Off Course, of course

Off Course, of course

Off Course, of course

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The Addict is Dead. Long Live the Addict.

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Sobering Diagnosis for the Addict

This fall I noticed a small crack starting from the front derailleur tab on my Addict SL. Immediately following the “this isn’t cool” moment, I tried to be optimistic… “it’s just the clear coat” I tried to convince myself. It’s … Continue reading

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You call it a Mancave, I call it a Turbo Trainer Theater

Although there is a lot to do when moving into a new house, I finally got some time today to work on the theater. The new projector (replacing our trusty 6 year old projector that traveled the globe… we never … Continue reading

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Retrospective: On The Road In…. Les Pyrénées

I received an email the other day for the 2012 rendition of La Pyreneene Cyclosportive and couldn’t help myself from clicking the link. A few clicks later, I found a photo of myself from the 2011 version. It’s a miracle … Continue reading

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Toullie @ The Beach

Toullie @ The Beach

Toullie @ The Beach

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Q: Hey, Where Have You Been?

A: It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with friends, and extended family…. Hopefully I can fill in some gray areas with bits of color here… It certainly has been a long, long journey for … Continue reading

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Hiding in the Woods

Since I’m temporarily homeless now that I’ve arrived in the USA, I’ve decided to lay low until I know where I’ll eventually end up. The jury is still out. In the meantime, there is some mountain biking to summon. Of … Continue reading

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Garage Archeological Dig Discovery: Schwinn Homegrown Limited

After being away for sometime, I ventured into my parent’s garage and noticed a bike lodged between a lawnmower, an outboard motor, and a decommissioned wood stove… my old mountain bike. It’s been remarkably preserved in the second millennium catacomb … Continue reading

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On The Road In… The USA!

My 3rd ride in the last 30 days 😦 … Still looking for a place to live in the US… this area doesn’t seem to bad… Got one of these phones that is “wicked smart” that can take photos too. … Continue reading

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On the Road in…. ????

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On the Road in… Czech Republic and Germany

Of course, the major news of the day was the rain. Despite my solid preparation of placing the Panasonic Lumix TZ5 in a plastic bag…. the rain was so hard that I was literally gasping for breath amongst the raindrops. … Continue reading

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