New Years Gift of Music (92 tracks to get you through the cold)

My New Years gift to you… a playlist to get you through long boring trainer rides and/or surviving the against the elements on cold outdoor rides this winter.

This diverse playlist, which is updated regularly, attempts to gather the best new releases of upbeat music from all corners of the globe. Just about all languages and musical genres are sampled at least once – a few times it even double dips when no one is looking.  Listen to the whole playlist or simply cherry-pick your favorites. If you’ve never heard of 90% of these songs, then I’m doing something right.
Enjoy, comment, suggest. Ride.


You can find and follow the playlist by searching for “Global Cycling Playlist” on Spotify, clicking on the cover art above, or play it right now with the handy widget below (scroll to view ’em all):


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