Off Course, of course

Off Course, of course

Off Course, of course

Whales need Rehab too, and you should always report a deadbeat dolphin:

“Lights? Very last century. You’ll figure it out.”



That’s all I suppose. 8 miles short of a century. :noidea: spring + headwinds = lazy

The highlight of the ride was when a pickup truck misjudged me and pulled out in front on me a 30mph (tailwind).
That pissed me off.
So I Hang on to his tailgate as he sped up from 30mph to 50mph which pissed him off.
The fact that it was a 25mph zone pissed the local police off.
Why does everyone in the US with a pickup and a sticker with the words “Thrush” have to be so weird and sketchy?

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One Response to Off Course, of course

  1. Have been away from blog reading for a while. You still have great pictures and I enjoy your writing too. Best wishes for happiness in the new home, reunited with family and friends. See you a road sometime, maybe..

    Fully lugged.

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