Sobering Diagnosis for the Addict

This fall I noticed a small crack starting from the front derailleur tab on my Addict SL. Immediately following the “this isn’t cool” moment, I tried to be optimistic… “it’s just the clear coat” I tried to convince myself. It’s funny how often you see people asking if the crack on their carbon frames are simply clear coat or paint cracks as every instance ultimately points to a structural failure and the death of the frame. It’s never the clear coat.

Bean Boots
I took the bike into L.L. Bean in Freeport, appropriately wearing my new Bean Boots that every new resident is issued during their first Maine winter and ensuing mud-season. I was introduced to Tim who also recently moved to the area.

It wasn’t clear due to the shop counter, but I’m sure he had on his newly issued Bean Boots as well. He took a few sad photos to send to Scott.

Rehabbing at the Shop

Sobering Scene at the Shop

The Addict had about 1.5 years of solid riding before I noticed the crack and started riding the R4. Here’s the Addict SL by the numbers from it’s first ride in February 2010 to October 2011:

Year Distance (mi) Time Ave Speed (mph) Max Speed (mph) Climbing (ft) Descending (ft)
2010 10423.35 mi 601.6 hrs 17.3 mph 51.5 mph 508,479 ft 510,502 ft
2011 8087.95 mi 456.3 hrs 17.7 mph 48.8 mph 447,790 ft 444,286 ft
Total 18,511.3 mi 1057.1 hrs 17.5 mph 51.5 mph 956,269 ft 954,788 ft

The shop contacted Scott’s US distributor who demanded so much documentation, I’m actually thinking an IRS audit would be a nice change of pace. Scott refused each submission, forcing me to dig deeper into what little paperwork I’ve held onto over the years of moving. With the airlines tightening their luggage belts, you’d be amazed at all the stuff you throw out fearing you will be over the 23kg / 50lb limit. I arrived in the US with everything I owned (or that survived my airline cleanse)… 2 suitcases, 2 bike boxes.

Luckily, Westbrook Cycles in the UK was fantastic. They were happy to help me out in looking up my information but Scott US still shook their heads. “We can only give you a HMF frame and it will cost you $1000” was their repeated reply. LLBean suggested that Westbrook help in proving that the frame was purchased from an authorized dealer and followed the correct distribution channels. Paul over at Westbrook was great. A few emails later and it looks like everything will be sorted out and the broken frame does not even need to be sent to the UK… provided we send a photo of the frame cut open with a saw! Gruesome!

At this point, it looks like the replacement will be an Addict RC (also HMX) in the loud yellow/white/black team paint scheme. Not crazy about the color, but it would be great to have something to ride. In case anyone is in this same situation, I inquired about “upgrading” to a Foil (err, FO1L) and they said that was not an option.

Scott Addict RC

Scott Addict RC

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