Retrospective: On The Road In…. Les Pyrénées

I received an email the other day for the 2012 rendition of La Pyreneene Cyclosportive and couldn’t help myself from clicking the link. A few clicks later, I found a photo of myself from the 2011 version. It’s a miracle I even made it to the start line that morning in Saint Lary. The day before, I could not open my eyes, I stumbled around the village center, and coddled into bed at every excuse, even wearing sunglasses inside even though I have yet to even visit California, let alone adopt their fashion sense. My face and eyes were swollen such that when I awoke at dawn for the race, I stumbled to the bathroom door and turned the doorknob pleading that I would recognize the vision that awaited in the mirror. It was that bad. My eyes looked as wrinkled as an 80-year old. I felt horrible. I looked worse. I also knew this would be my last cyclosportive in France for a while… the show must go on. Or that is what I said to myself in the mirror when I brushed my teeth while I talked to the stranger on the other side.

I also discovered at 9pm the night before, that my tubulars would only hold air for 1 hour. It was a 6-8 hour ride. A minor detail given my current state. I couldn’t possibly last a full 60 minutes anyway.

At the start line when the gun whet off, I said “I’m going to be in bed in 20 minutes for sure”.

Six hours later I crossed the line. Far from my best, but it was one of those days when you pat yourself on the back for just getting out of bed.

I recorded video of the cyclosportive
, but there are not many pictures of my state that day on my personal camera. But there is 1 photographer who didn’t get the memo… at least I have glasses on!

And if you plan on having 1 allergic reaction in your life, the Pyrenees does provide the distractive backdrop necessary to make you forget about your ailments.

Go ahead and reserve your spot for the 2012 Pyreneene, or… hold fast and get some fitness under your belt until 2013 – that’s what I’m planning! And pack some antihistamine for good measure.

Enjoy the rare opportunity when you see the source of the videos on WC and the lens is flipped on me…

Forging Through The Pyrenees (Climbing the Hourquette d’Ancizan)

Forging Through The Pyrenees (Climbing the Hourquette d’Ancizan)

Forging Through The Pyrenees, Deux

Forging Through The Pyrenees, Deux

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