Q: Hey, Where Have You Been?

Arrival in Boston

Arrival in Boston


It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with friends, and extended family….

Hopefully I can fill in some gray areas with bits of color here… It certainly has been a long, long journey for both of us. The organization, paperwork, and red-tape are enough to drain any excitement from the transition. 

I arrived at Logan under a wintery mix of rain and ice but luckily temperatures remained above freezing. For he next 40 minutes I waited and waited.  The sign said “International Arrivals”… the only one in Boston….  other families and people started showing up.  Each with their own story.  Maybe they had a story like ours, I thought. It was so great to see Linda again.  As if nothing had changed.  Together again.  One excitement after another, the next stretch was to drive to our new home… a home we both decided on using Skype, YouTube house tours, etc.  Something that is only possible this day and age…

It was only 5 months ago when I was in her position… being introduced to American culture after 6 years (for me) emerged in our own little European world.  Even being a native to New England, that drive from the airport to Maine was completely crazy.  I was trying to facilitate conversations  but also raising many eyebrows at the strangest things:
A mailbox.  Normal.  Unless you haven’t seen one in several years.
A truck on the highway looks like a farm vehicle without the traditional European “flat front”.
Wide roads.
Weird signs.
“Monster” Cars.. SUVs…
“Weird” suburban Boston architecture.
It’s all so strange if you haven’t seen any of it in years. 
We made the short 1:45 trip back home successfully but it was fun seeing her reactions to all the things that I had the same reactions to just a few months earlier.
We’ve spent the last week shopping and making sure we have everything in our new house.
And it only took 7 days until we reserved a puppy to add to the family.
We become ‘parents’ on Wednesday…!
Too much?  Too soon?
Maybe.  But we like like what we’ve seen and what’s to come….

Home, day 1

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