Hiding in the Woods

Since I’m temporarily homeless now that I’ve arrived in the USA, I’ve decided to lay low until I know where I’ll eventually end up. The jury is still out. In the meantime, there is some mountain biking to summon.

Mountain Biking turned out to be wicked easy.

Of course, getting to this point required a bit of maintenance, albeit surprisingly little:
– Wipe frame and wheels with rag
– Lube chain
– Reflect on a job well done

I think the coated Gore Ride-on cables helped to keep things in tune over the years.
Here are some photos before it got christened:

Homegrown in the Garden

Homegrown in the Garden

Rear End

Rear End



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1 Response to Hiding in the Woods

  1. MattyVT says:

    Looks like it cleaned up well, only to get dirty again. Such is life.

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