Garage Archeological Dig Discovery: Schwinn Homegrown Limited

After being away for sometime, I ventured into my parent’s garage and noticed a bike lodged between a lawnmower, an outboard motor, and a decommissioned wood stove… my old mountain bike. It’s been remarkably preserved in the second millennium catacomb as if it were frozen in time from it’s last ride which is estimated to be around the year 2003 based on the carbon dating samples. The bike seems to originate from 2000, a bygone era when some bikes were made in the USA.

Note that what you are about to see is not dirt from the trail, I put the bike away clean… any dirt or artifacts are due to 7-8 years of storage.

I don’t have a photo of it, but my blue Shimano MTB shoes were completely full of pine cone shavings courtesy of the local field mice.

The durable black anodized aluminum does not have a single scratch on it, plenty of dust and spiderwebs though:

I seem to remember that the crank would come loose often. Looks like I’d need to change the chainrings anyway given the state of corrosion. Any recommendations?

Appears to be Gore-Ride on for everything except rear brake

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4 Responses to Garage Archeological Dig Discovery: Schwinn Homegrown Limited

  1. MattyVT says:

    I think the fender is all I need to date the bike circa 2002-3.

  2. thewaywardcyclist says:

    Bummer, the fender was the first to go. Did I just make a huge faux pas akin to stripping a beanie baby of it’s tag… or taking a Storm Trooper out of the plastic? Oh well. It’s a lot more fun out of the plastic anyways.

  3. kent says:

    Are you looking to sell it? if so, what frame size is it? My wife hates her giant trance 1, and wishes she never sold her homegrown.

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