On The Road In… The USA!

My 3rd ride in the last 30 days 😦 … Still looking for a place to live in the US… this area doesn’t seem to bad…
Got one of these phones that is “wicked smart” that can take photos too. Since I destroyed 2 Panasonic Lumix cameras recently due to rain and I needed a phone, I decided on a waterproof model. I thought the photos might look like blurry phone photos, but it wasn’t too bad:
Fore River
This basically threw off my plan for the entire day. Great.
Hunting With Shot Gun Only Sign


Some of the roads around here are so smooth I want to bring my ice skates:
Smooth Roads

Entered some state park along the ocean (Garmin > Where To > Attractions) and did some off-roading, Cyclocross anyone?
Ice Skating Roads

Positively sure I caught some air on the speed bump leading onto the pier, but don’t tell anyone ok?

No Jumping

No Jumping

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