Au revoir, mon cher Provence…

With the final ride complete and a whirlwind of packing, it’s time to finally say goodbye to Provence. And what a wonderful year it was! Watch this space for pathetically sentimental posts in the near future.
[Sniff], our home away from home.

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2 Responses to Au revoir, mon cher Provence…

  1. MattyVT says:

    With much less of an attachment to the area I find that I also miss it quite a bit.

  2. Aaron says:

    Hi there. About to head to Toulon for 10 weeks and was wondering if there were any regular training rides around the area that you ever saw / got to know? Am also keen for your suggestions on training routes ranging from 2-6 hours in duration? A lot to ask I realise, but would like to make the most of my time there and it sounds like you got your training routes sorted out really well.

    I am also looking at doing some of the cyclos while there – your blog has certainly motivated me to do so.

    Hope you’re well!

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