Video from the Pyrenees!

Note: Be sure to watch it in full screen @ 720p for full enjoyment.
10 hours before this video I was unable to open my eyes from allergies (didn’t know I had any!) I was reduced to lying in bed at the hotel with sunglasses on and even tried placing chamomile teabags over my eyes. Regardless, it’s a good thing you can’t see my red, swollen, chapped eyes that gave me a nice little preview of what I’ll look like when I’m 80. To make matters worse, I discovered my brand new tubular tires didn’t hold air for more than 1 hour. Didn’t think I’d even bother waking up for the event. But I did, pumped in some PitStop and held my breath. As I stood at the start, a few drops of rain hit my helmet and I was convinced that I’d be back cozy in bed within the hour! After 70km, I thought I was completely done… but after taking it “easy” up Tourmalet (1hr:15m) and resting on the descent, I was miraculously resurrected. Still managed 52nd out of 1250 with 700 or so doing the big 170km 4-valley loop included l’Hourquette d’Ancizan, Col du Tourmalet, and Col d’Aspin (2 of which were part of yesterday’s stage 12 in Le Tour).

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3 Responses to Video from the Pyrenees!

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  3. Dana R says:

    Just moved to the area (East Baldwin) and found you/your website on Strava after going up (well, more like dying up) Douglas Mtn climb and seeing your KOM. Impressive climbing both in this video and around here.

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