Video: Bosses du 13

Finally got around to editing some footage from the Bosses du 13 Cyclosportive in Marseille from this past September.

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4 Responses to Video: Bosses du 13

  1. WSE says:

    Cool video, as usual. I enjoyed the first part, where you were passing dozens at a time. Also looked like you had some skillful descending going on there. Missed the footage of the leg cramp, though. 🙂

    • thewaywardcyclist says:

      Honestly I don’t know what happened. I submitted the footage to the editing department and… well you know how they like to slash and cut. The reason why it appears like there are myriad of cyclists at the beginning – then suddenly only 1 or 2 also shocked me a bit during the ride. I prejudicially assumed that most of the 2800 riders or so would do the ‘big loop’ that traversed 165km. It wasn’t until the end when I discovered that only 278 riders did the full route and most did only 94km or 138km. My poor GF thought I was coming in near ‘dead last’ when I finally crossed the line as a solid 2000 had already finished. Oh well. I caught our ‘post-race’ chat by accident on tape.. but do to the camera angle set up for ‘bike position’ it simply looked like I was focused on her cleavage the whole conversation. Again, those editors put their foot down…
      Thanks for watching… there are more to come!

  2. MattyVT says:

    So if everything goes according to plan I won’t be in shape in March and you’ll be ahead of me for the rides so my fat ass won’t be captured on video.

    It’s funny how life works out sometimes. Those chumps you dropped within the first few miles (that’s right- I said miles- get used to it) beat you to the finish not because they were faster but because they did less work. The worst part is that your GF (much like my wife) will probably take pity on you because you appear to suck at something you put so much effort into…but maybe I shouldn’t project myself onto you.

    Anyway, looking forward to riding with you in March. Apparently Paolo Pezzo and Maurizio Fondriest are fond of skiing to build strength for cycling so maybe it’ll help.

  3. Rodrick Lantzy says:

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