Cheese Pizza, Chocolate Éclairs, and Other Fun Ways To Ride Like A Pro

Remember those photos a few weeks ago of our first visitor to Wayward Cyclist Headquarters? I think I promised to write a follow-up but never got around to it. You can get up to speed by reading part 1 here.

After our first twilight 50-minute warm-up that went from 0 to 1600 feet and back again, the next day held limitless possibilities for getting a real ride in. Being a big dirt fan, AC was really trying to persuade me to use one of his 2 mountain bikes (he had both an Anthem X and Trance X) but I didn’t have Mt. shoes or pedals which was a bummer. He thought my full float Speedplay X1’s with tread-less carbon road shoes might work shredding rocky singletrack at World Cup speed. Hmmm, maybe. Maybe not. Eventually we decided a nice road ride in the mountains and along the Mediterranean wouldn’t be too awful either. We climbed through the mountains well out of reach of the sea and the tourists. I didn’t want to wear our star visitor out for the weekend races so I kept trying to gauge how far he wanted to go. He wasn’t feeling great on the first climb even though we had a huge 30mph tailwind that we milked for the first 30 miles. Hitting it full-force on the way back could be a nightmare. We decided to head back home by cruising along the sea but we first had to climb a nasty Col where AC started to feel feisty and my legs started to feel the fire. He got to the top a solid 10 seconds ahead of me and we were rewarded with beautiful views of the sailboats enjoying the wind out on the Med. We descended down a narrow and twisty road and decided it was time for some beverages and fuel. A little family market with a few kids bikes out front looked like where local cyclist go so we followed suit. We got a liter of water and eyed some blue PowerAid which I hadn’t had since… the 90s? I was searching for a good looking apple when I saw AC over at the counter chatting with the proprietor / cook. Sure enough, he had bagged a winning combo of a slice of pizza and a chocolate eclair. We made our way back only stopping for when AC’s beefy cross tires got a flat from a big ol’ thorn (and not from urban assault curb jumping as we first thought). We arrived home to a wonderful fresh avocado salad my GF had prepared.

The next day he shredded down Faron after spotting the trailhead from a YouTube video we found as I caught up on some stuff at work. For the races, he got 5th in the Enduro race abut didn’t fare so well in the XC race on Sunday. I guess AC was feeling a little smoked – as most anyone would in October. He deliberated taking a few days off to explore Provence with us before heading to a Cyclocross World Cup in Switzerland, but then realized all the errands and duties back at home that needed to get done (as you can imagine how things can pile up when you travel around the world for 6 months straight) and he could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I’m pretty sure our 85 mile road ride wasn’t to blame, right?

Well turns out it just took a few weeks for that training to kick in… here are some pictures posted from a cross race half way around the world in Los Angeles that might look familiar (PS: I’m stealing images from his blog because he stole some from me!) Congrats AC!


What's in the sock?

What's in the sock?




Victoire! Quote from his blog: "I'll credit the super-ultra-rad course that not only encouraged hooligan riding techniques but rewarded them, and didn't require much "pedaling"... Perfect. "

Hollywood Hills

From Cote d'Azur to the Hollywood Hills

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2 Responses to Cheese Pizza, Chocolate Éclairs, and Other Fun Ways To Ride Like A Pro

  1. Pro35 says:

    I believe I recognize your visitor. At first I was certain that the Rabobank kit was the tip-off that Erik Dekker was making a comeback on the mountain bike, but then I realized he’d not only need to grow out his hair and dye it dark brown, but he’d also need to somehow reduce his height which is hardly practical.

    No, this was not in fact one of your Dutch cronies or even a pseudo-Dutch crony, this was another American in Europe. If I’m not mistaken this particular “other” American has also stayed at my parents’ house for NY race weekends and benefitted from the performance-enhancing benefits of my father’s blueberry pancakes.

    • thewaywardcyclist says:

      There actually might be something to this. I’ve also stayed at Pro35’s parents house and I recommend the basement couch in addition to the blueberry pancakes… still the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had. And who can resist the Air Hockey table?
      Is it listed on TripAdvisor yet? I should to leave a review. The rates are also quite competitive with other B&Bs in the Hudson Valley.

      But no, it wasn’t Erik Dekker. There was a little Danish fellow that was suppose to come visit but apparently the box he put his bike shoes in didn’t clear airport security so I sent him back to Mexico.. or was it Italy.

      So yes, we are starting a nice little anglophone cyclists enclave over here. We can even play Air Hockey and have blueberry pancakes, as long as by “Air Hockey” you mean pétanque and by “pancakes” you mean crepes.

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