Race Preparation…

I’ve decided to enter my first event here in France. Of course, my registration was right around the time of my VumaQuad chainring turning egg-shaped. But thankfully a replacement arrived today and after only 2 rides in 2 weeks, I was anxious to get things rolling so I could learn how to ride a bike again before Sunday’s event. However, while replacing the broken chainring, I noticed that the driveside pedal insert had developed a few millimeters of play. Riding around in the 53T is all fun and games compared to riding around 1 legged… which is what would happen if the pedal insert finally stripped completely out of the crankarm.

Urrg, how does this stuff happen? The only other pedal insert stripping out I’ve ever heard of was some guy who slammed into a car (and even his body required some significant hospital time). I’d like to think I produce some sort of abnormally huge wattage when I ride but I don’t even need a powermeter to know that is false.

Add the ZumaQuad chainrings and arms to the fail tag…

Time to bust out the Easton EC90, still new in the box straight from the warranty department.

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3 Responses to Race Preparation…

  1. WSE says:

    Dude! Remind me not to ever let you ride my bike. You’ve gone through more than your fair share of expensive equipment in the last few months. Bad news.

  2. thewaywardcyclist says:

    Yeah, I really think it’s just a string of bad luck… normally it’s always “the other guy” who seems to bust up his bike but I guess after several years of incident free riding I was due for mishaps.

    But in all fairness, I have talked with Reynolds and they confirmed that the rim failure was due to melting. Normally I don’t ride the brakes much, but one day I was out “exploring” and found a nice country road that turned into a 25% grade downhill with numerous dirt/washout sections that twisted around the country homes perched on a mountain. To make matters worse, the road went from 25% grade smack into a bind intersection with busy road and a stop sign. Pretty tough not to use the brakes there… and the rims were probably already a bit hot from the 15 minute descent. Reynolds noticed the issue and I will not have to use my RAP Insurance to get a new rim. They will replace it under normal warranty and the RAP will carry over to the new set. Pretty sweet.

    The new 2011 Reynolds wheels have a noticeably different brake track that claims to reduce rim temperature by 100°F under heavy braking. I’m secretly hoping they hook me up with one of the new models, but I realize it’s only been a few weeks since revealing them at EuroBike…. so I’m not getting my hopes up. I have 99% confidence in the 2010 rim anyway… as long as you stay off 25-30% grades with stop signs at the end. I’ve only seen 2 roads >25% grade in my life so it’s a pretty rare recipe. I must say though, the Reynolds are by far the strongest and tightest wheelset I’ve ever used. While other bikes make various chatter noises going over potholes and rough pavement, the Reynolds are completely silent and smooth. Plus in my 15 months of using them, I’ve never had to true a Reynolds wheel. That’s impressive.

    The Zipp failure is really puzzling… both the chainring and the pedal insert (I have a suspicion that the pedal insert has been loose for several weeks but it really isn’t detectable unless you really look closely at it). The VumaQuad is probably my favorite crankset since I never heard a “creak”,”snap”, or “tick” from it (compared to FSA’s Rice Crispies system). It just works. Well, did work.

    The stem and handlebar failure is 100% the fault of some stray yellow lab in the Czech countryside. I’m actually amazed that both wheels and frame were completely unaffected as it was a pretty fast collision.

    The SRAM Force shifter paddle breaking off appears to be a known issue that may people have experienced. So I guess I was just a victim on that one. I’ll snap up some new SRAM Red shifters off eBay or maybe even a used set one of these days..

    So you see, the list of casualties isn’t as bad as it first seems. 🙂

  3. Todd says:

    I had the same problem with my VumaQuad’s and the thread insert. Zipp sent me a new crankset and a couple of extra BB cups since I had ongoing issues with the ceramic bearings being crap.

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