Another One For The Fail Tag

So after my Reynolds front wheel lost its ability to brake, I contacted the warranty who are apparently caught up in all the fall trade-shows showing off their more durable heat-resistant rim surface so they won’t get back to me for a week or so. As a backup plan, I ordered a set of American Classic Sprint 350’s… good to have an aluminum wheelset for rain anyway…

Nice. So in the meantime I…

  • A. Switch my favorite sport to Patanque
  • B. Go on a week-long junk food binge in protest of consumer’s rights to get their busted stuff fixed in a timely manner
  • C. Use mad skills and ride anyway… carefully trying not to fly off one of the hundreds of sharp mountain curves that lack guardrails.
  • D. None of the above

My answer was “C”… what would yours be? [comment]
I attempted to do a “flat” ride and found a nice spot in the country with two tiny little 1500 foot climbs. Tame enough I thought.
Just when I was getting to “the good stuff” (or Grand Cru for our French friends) I suddenly felt something “spongy” when I completed one particular crank revolution. I tried one more revolution and came to a stop. Something was amiss. I looked down to see my 39T chainring had warped badly. Further inspection revealed 2 of the chainring “arms” had broken.

VumaQuad Goes Snap

VumaQuad Goes Snap

In all fairness, this crankset has been awesome. No problems for almost 10,000 miles is more than I can say for many other brands which often required regreasing/rebuilding/applying plumber’s tape to the treads etc etc. No the Zipp VumaQuad has been one of my all-time favorites. Quiet, smooth, and carefree. I’m in. Until today. I deliberated for a second, shot this photo here as I had my camera on what was suppose to be a 100 mile epic ride.

I contemplated continuing the next 84 miles in only my 53T up the two smallish 1500ft hills. But since it was Friday I figured the most prudent choice was to hammer home and get on the phone/internet or whatever it took to get a replacement as soon as possible. There is a sportive event in Marseille next week that I really want to do and a bike stuck in the 53T that can’t descent isn’t a good recipe.

Anyway, I found one pretty quickly and had it sent to my address. The drama won’t be done until it’s in-hand as earlier deliveries to our non-conventional address have failed. The delivery guy either can’t find the building or the tracking website says “Delivered” and I never receive anything. So far before this (for non-bike items), 2 delivery attempts, 0 success rate.

Then I got on Zipp’s website and a little “wanna chat?” box popped up and I figured I try it. I talked to a great guy over at Zipp who reviewed the problem and said a new ring will arrive in 2 or 3 weeks. Good backup plan.

So tomorrow’s ride… hopefully something that I can hammer in the 53T for 5 hours with no descending! Possible??? Who knows!

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