Funny connections….

So the other day I stumbled on some blogs listed on One was Ted King, the amicable Cervelo Test Team rider. I thought I was pretty well versed on the US riders in the ProTour, but I didn’t know much about this guy.

He’s only in his 2nd season but already finished the Giro and came in 10th in the first stage of Vuelta a Castilla y Leon this year. I enjoyed reading his blog since he recently completed the Tour of Poland which was fun for me to read – a foreigner’s cycling adventures in Central Europe is something which I can easily relate to… Then he made a reference to New England as his hometown. Although 4 years younger than me, the cycling scene in the region is a pretty tiny community and I thought it might have been possible that we crossed paths at some point.

Due to the age difference, we probably didn’t race against each other in college (only 1 year overlap) but I see many of his early results listed in his bio are events that I did as well. Then I scrolled down… some National Mountain Bike Championship results prove that he played in the dirt as well. Then one result from a regional MTB race held at a ski mountain with plenty of climbing caught my eye:

Men’s Expert 19-29
#2 Edward King 2:02:34

not a bad result and it looks like he won the sprint for second and held off many others who came in around the 2:04 mark. But wait… just above his name is:

#1 Wayward Cyclist 1:52:49

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