Early Mornings and Mediterranean Lifestyle Don’t Mix

Sorry for not posting any info for the last few weeks but it’s been a bit crazy… we finally made it to France and are just starting to get acclimated to our new surroundings. I did a search for bike clubs in the area and found one close by… but my jaw dropped seeing the meeting time for the group rides… 7:30am!!!! Well, if you’ve ever glaced at my Garmin Connect profile it’s pretty obvious that I’m one of those afternoon riders… I think I can count the number of rides I started before noon this year on one hand.

So I decided to try for it. The website said that they meet near a bar called “L’oasis” so I found out where it was and pushed off at 7:20am for the gathering spot. I analyzed all the possible outcomes…
#1: I arrive too late … at least I’m up early and can get a solo ride in, leaving the rest of the day for boyfriend duties

#2: I arrive on time … introduce myself with grammar that magically comes back to me after 13 years since my last French class… and focus on trying not to make any group ride “faux pas” and just try to establish a connection

#3: I arrive on time … introduce myself and get dropped on the first town line sprint… (then… see #1)

#4 I arrive on time … but it’s so &@#$! early that I can’t speak any language at all so the team systematically destroys me by boxing me out an echelon infested straight-a-way that they purposely chose just to get rid of me.

#5 I arrive on time… hometown hero Richard Virenque is there and everyone has already hung up the bikes and is sipping espressos while they compare sailor tatoos.

#6 I sleep through the alarm and again do another solo afternoon ride.

The correct answer?
= “None of the Above”


Shucks, I’m outta time… to be continued! There’s plenty of accordion music, climbing, and vin de pays in the next post!

A la prochaine!
Click here to read part 2.

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2 Responses to Early Mornings and Mediterranean Lifestyle Don’t Mix

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  2. trailsnet says:

    I’m really impressed by the photos and content on this blog. Have you done any of the long distance bike trails while you’re there?

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