Moving!! Na shledanou to CZ

Today is my last day in CZ as we have bought a new car and are packing it to the gills with all our stuff. I will leave our destination a mystery until my next post. In the meantime, you can post a comment as to your guess on where my next ride report will be from.
Some clues:
– It has much better weather than CZ
– The language will be much easier (english speakers rarely “pick up” Slavic languages with ease so I never got much further than vocabulary.. food mostly 🙂 )
– The ProTour visits the country
– A famous commander won his first battle here
– It is a major military center for the country

Click the “Leave a Comment” link to submit your guess!

Fittingly, it is raining on my last day… 😦
It’s been a busy month… some highlights:
– Bought my first car (well, with my own $$ anyway. It’s been 5 years since I last had a car! It was refreshing but this will be fun too)
– Sold the Following

  • Scott CR1 Pro Road Bike (Addict fork, Ultegra, SRAM Red, Speedplay X2, American Classic 420… a super nice guy is going to have a blast on it, his first road bike)
  • 9 Wheels! Including 5 carbon wheels
  • Scott CR1 fork

– Went to my girlfriends graduation where she got her master’s degree
– Became an uncle for the first time!
– Went to the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for a long weekend
– Went (again) to Karlovy Vary (famous spa town) to visit GF’s relatives for another weekend
– Packed up everything, threw out tons of stuff… that 3T Ergonova Team carbon bar placed in the trash went in seconds… as did a 3lbs aluminum frame (with carbon fork, stem, bars, Shimano R700 crank), iMac G5 (in need of repairs) Strangely it took several hours for a Continental Ultra Race road bike tire to go (brand new), and enough Ikea furniture to start my own sidewalk franchise.
– Still somehow managed 1000+ miles for the month
– Tomorrow we leave!

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One Response to Moving!! Na shledanou to CZ

  1. WSE says:

    Awe, I was hoping someone other than me would make a guess. Seems like we’re talking France, Italy, or Spain. How about Barcelona?

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