Welcome! A bit about the Wayward Cyclist

This is just going to be a quick post to get things started.  This blog will mainly focus on cycling, traveling, and exploring … sometimes in places so familiar, a detailed description of every crack in the road for 40 miles can easily be recounted from memory without hesitation.  But recently the roads I’ve been on have been the roads less traveled — for me anyway.  My usual bike rides are typically in foreign lands where I do not speak the language but can enjoy the wonders of daily life that makes each culture special and unique.

About me… Wayward is fitting I suppose.  I once was a Mountain Bike and Road Bike racer but eventually needed a real job after school.  Now many years later, I have realized that it is not the racing I miss, it is the everyday feeling of accomplishment and getting to enjoy the outdoors.  I struggle at things were I once was strong and my consistency is terrible, but I hope through sharing my travels, tribulations, failures, bonks, flats, and nutritional sins… I can brush it off and find beauty in both cycling and life.

I will be posting stats on my rides because I like numbers… no matter how terribly slow and minuscule they are… it all adds up over time (or so I will try to convince myself when the numbers say I’m fat and out of shape).

I will also try to post photos and videos if I’m towing along various electronic media devices that manage to survive the ride.

So get ready and clip in (or subscribe or bookmark or follow or whatever the social media version of “throw a leg over” is) … because the first ride is tomorrow.

For the Love

For the Love

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